How to accessorise this Diwali : Part 1

How to accessorise this diwali

Hi Hi! As diwali comes shiningly close to our rather dull, and overworked faces I think it’s time to jazz up our outfits to match the festivity in the air (by festivity I mean the soon to be announced hyper sales of course!). Every year I’m sure you indulge in beautiful dresses that lose their charm over time. Which is exactly why I tend to spread out my buying. Rather than getting myself 5 new kurtas, I tend to buy key pieces of accessories that I can mix and match to a number of places. And since it’s part of my Diwali shopping budget, it is like hitting two hungry girls with one piece of bacon!

How to accessorise this diwali
How to accessorise this diwali

So for my first outfit idea,I wanted to go for a totally badass boss lady look, so I’ve paired my white trousers with this white blazer to create a work appropriate suit.I’ve paired it with my Prerto Necklace, which has been a go-to accessory when I need to jump my outfit’s quotient from 10 to 100 in a jiffy. But lets also not forget the fabulous juttis from Needledust, that add an equal amount of flair to the outfit and help balance it out. I assure you this outfit would be just as bomb even if you choose just one glamorous accessory at a time too.

I’ve knotted up my t-shirt cause I couldn’t resist showing you the quarter of an inch of weight loss that’s happened in the last two months, you may of course just choose to tuck it in stead. I for one, am not a total wild child, which is why I love my mixing and matching best with solid coloured outfits as they really make my accessories stand out. This also makes this pairing a no brainer. Pick one solid coloured anything from your wardrobe and throw these elements in, BAM you look like a lady who put in a lot more effort than she really did.

Just one simple rule of thumb to follow, is to never over accessorise. Yes, its Diwali, but it’s certainly not your wedding. Thus adding 5 shiny things to one outfit may not give it the sombre feel we are going for here. Which is why, I’ve totally skipped my earrings and added just my gold watch instead.

How to accessorise this diwali

Might I add that the picture here, is me thinking that I’m nailing my sexy, sexy stare, only to be informed by Piyush (friend, photographer and recent ruthless critique) that I indeed was scaring his unborn children :{

Indian accessories are a joy to play around with, and shunning them to the back of our closet only to be worn once to some random manchild’s wedding is a waste. So next time, make sure to keep your eye out for Diwali sales, and nab such nifty pieces during sales, cause dayummm are they useful.

Blazer, Trousers : Zara India (You can shop online from the 4th of October!!!!)

Necklace : Prerto (here and here)

Juttis :Needledust

Watch : Michael Kors

Lipstick : MAC Dance with me + Ruby Woo

T-shirt : Thrifted

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