DIY : anti frizz hair conditioner

DIY : frizz free hair !

Let’s keep this simple. We all have the ‘Monica from friends’  moment when the humidity rises don’t we? And haven’t we bought tons of conditioners that promise frizz free hair only to disappoint? Here is the easiest DIY way to turn any conditioner to an anti frizz conditioner. (#TameThemTresses)

All you need is a one big spoon of coconut oil.Yup that’s it!

Add a (tea)spoon full of coconut oil to the amount of conditioner you require for your hair’s length and volume.Though for anything less than shoulder length hair use half that amount.

Spread onto your hair as you would a regular conditioner, but might I suggest you let it sink in for an hour?

When you wash it off, I assure you your hair won’t be oily, it will absorb just the right amount of moisture. You don’t need any more products, thus eliminating a few steps in your routine, wash and go I say!

Why not do the age-old, oil-shampoo-condition routine you ask? Because using oil with your conditioner seals in the moisture far better than washing it out with shampoo.

The picture is my hair post this routine at the beach!

fix frizzy hair

Say Hello to happy ,healthy hair!


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