The LAL ProjectLal is your everyday woman who chooses to step away from the regular. She has a story behind every acne scar, every chipped nail,and she isn’t shying away from it.

Everyday in mainstream media there is a new opinion thrown at us about what a perfect woman is and what a perfect woman does, this is just our step to highlight how far from reality that is.We want to discuss the struggles every woman goes through while trying to look her best, and how we don’t need to worry ourselves silly for the most tiniest of our so called ‘flaws’.

Lal is a series dedicated to women who either choose to live differently or are trying to get there.

Hopefully Lal is you.

Photos by : Harsha Bathija

weight gain

This isn’t a beauty, or a fashion post. This, this is just a life post. It’s coming from a woman who has had the…

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  The stunner here is Bhag, 25 the Creative Head at Ebay. That’s Saanya, 25 and an ace lawyer. Then there is me, 25…

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“I’ve always wanted to shave my head… I’ve been thinking about this for ages. When I told my friends about it, they didn’t believe…

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